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Covid 19 Update - please read this.
11.30am 1st July 2020
Although some airline flights are now operating, our industry is still subject to the social distancing rules which make commercial balloon flights impossible (even at just 1 metre distancing). Like the airlines we are governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA are in regular discussion with various stakeholders (such as the Commercial Ballooning Association) in order to prepare a path for the return to flying. Recently, rules were relaxed to allow ‘private’ balloon flights, whereby a pilot may fly solo, or with members of his/her own household. It seems likely that the next step will allow instructors or examiners to fly with students on a one-to-one basis, perhaps by the middle of July. Thereafter we are hopeful that the larger balloons will also be released for a return to operations, but so much depends upon the future COVID-19 infection rates and any changes in government policy.
Please also read the earlier update below if you have not already done so regarding extensions to vouchers.

8.35pm 23rd March 2020
As you are doubtless aware, the government has decided with immediate effect a minimum 3 week country wide lock down of all non-essential activity.

When we recommence flying we will extend vouchers at no charge to provide passengers with the equivalent validity that was remaining on their vouchers at the start of our main flying season, 1st April 2020.

For further details please see our terms and conditions at - in particular paragraphs 3 and 5 of “Our Obligations to You”.

Subject to subsequent government advice after this first three week period, we will update you here on when we will add new flight dates for May etc onwards to enable you to rebook your flight.

As our office staff will now be working from home, we will not be answering phone calls but will respond to emails on a daily basis.

On a more general note, please be assured that we are a very long-established and financially stable business. We hold reserves in preparation for situations such as we currently face, and have previously operated through challenges such as the foot and mouth crisis when hot air ballooning completely ceased in the UK for seven months.

For those of you concerned about your own families, friends and personal welfare, we send you our very best wishes. We look forward to meeting you in a field someday soon to embark on an exciting adventure in the skies.


To help you, on the occasions where our flight team can see that a flight is going to be clearly unsuitable to fly earlier than our normal weatherline call in times we will text you to give you more notice. So make sure we have an up to date mobile for you that receives texts if you have one. But please remember that you must still call into the weatherline to check if we don't text you because no text means the weather outlook is probably good! Please do not call the office to ask if flights are likely to go ahead as they will not be able to give you any information.

You may also like to register as a standby passenger using the standby tab in My Details. If you are flexible in your availability to fly we will then be able to text you about any short notice space that may become available before the date you have booked. We only send standby texts if the weather is good, so if you can make it you are pretty much guaranteed to fly.

Lost Your Map Pack?
If you have lost your map pack you can download one by clicking on this link